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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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a huge market for her service. just a reminder you can keep up to date with all the news by logging onto our website, there it is on your screen, screen,
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the transpacific partnership between the united states and 11 other pacific nations and the trade and investment partnership covering the u.s., and european union, both agreements are billed as tearing down trade barriers to boost economic
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ground and they're also seen as too much, not included in either packet. china. it is the reason why the united states is working towards building a new trade investment, in the pacific. the dimension was underscored by secretary of defense, ash carter, who said pacific, the deal was as important to him as another aircraft-carrier. but opponent argue it will shift u.s. jobs overseas, and drag down stagnant wages. clause that's let multi-national firmts do governments for adopting rules that could harm their profits are drawing fire. mike is following the vote, so the president went to the hill to lobby democrats and not a good sign, how is the vote
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looking? well, it is a very rare move, he has very seldom done this it could be into the good sign. the vote is going to be very tight. and it's complicated. he's trying to get democrats a board, and many object to trade packets in general and, they look back at and a half take, and, 25 years ago, that were made during the debate were not delivered and many people, blue collar workers and labor, lost their jobs and those jobs never came back and, they are anti-trade the president is relying, to a great degree on republicans to do this. it's going to be a very tight vote, but they would not have laid the president's press teen on the line, and would not have done it, if they don't think they can win with this dramatic, in terms of washington visit to capitol hill unscheduled, a last minute
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visit and they're behind closed doors, in the basemen of the capital, trying to twist arms to push this authority and we're not voting today on the fast-track partnership, that patty was just reporting on, they're voting on fast-track authority to give the president to put this deal-congress when a deal is made and, have it move through congress, without a bunch of amend mens and members able to foul it up, and this is something that every president has had this authority and president barak obama trying to get it today. what it amounts to, if they pass it, congress either has an up-or-down vote when the deals are done, right? that's right. that's it. and the senate passed this authority, fast-track authority before leaving, in may, and two things house is voting on today one is the called the trade
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adjustment authority or assistance. this would give many of those individuals, inlay board some help, if they, if many of these jobs are threatened by this trade bill, that the two massive trade pack packets one with the pacific and, one with europe, and this was given to the democrats as a means to get them on board and many democrats see this as trick to get them to pass fast-track, and they're voting against it. that's what brought the president up to capitol hill to make this last minute plea to democrats. one of the criticisms is that the negotiations for these deals, not very transparents and we don't know what is in them. mike, thank you. okay. new details about a massive cyber-attack against the federal
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government the employees union said it was far worse than the president barak obama administration admitted. they said the personal data of 4 million workers was compromised and now the union sense the breach affects every federal employee every retirement and up to 1 million former workers. the severity of the breach was never in question, they said up to 4 million current and presence, have been compromised and they announced just how massive the hack was, we believe that the data file of the database and, they are now in possession of all possession data for every federal employee, and retiree and former employees, in that letter, addressed to the o. p m., union boss david cox said they obtained a treasure trobe
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including social security numbers, birthday the and held shores, life insurance and pension information. the union says, it has based its findings by the o.p. m., and has accused the president barak obama administration, of down playing it. and president barak obama administration said it is continuing. the precise scope is one that continues, to be under investigation by the f.b.i., and other experts that have the knowledge necessary to try to figure out what exactly has occurred. it became fodder for a swipe at the white house. i think a lot of people to hear that the b.r.a.c. break administration was unable to prevent the information of 4 million american, to be compromised by hackers. he calls and flames
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president barak obama for the hacking that the chinese did. the last of the ann goal will a three prisoners could walk three a federal appeals temperature blocked a judge's order demanding that he be released that ruling expires this afternoon and he was convicted of killing a prefn guard, and he maintained his innocence and two were overturned. investigators trying to find twos escaped convicts may have new help a. newspaper reports the woman accused of aiding the men has admitted her role and is cooperating with police. the albany times union is reporting that prison employee joyce mitchell has admitted that she provided the chron convicts with smuggled power tools and a cellphone in a lead up tots scrape last week. police also believe she failed to show up after
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initially agreeing to be the get-away driver, and that has left the two men to fen for themselves on foot. the search for the two men is concentrated in an area less than five miles, from theprecia where they shut down roads and a school. one mom says, whether the schools reopen friday or not she's decided to play it safe. i'm keeping them home. right here, until this is settled or at least wind it down. a helicopter circled the area, on the ground, police stopped vehicles and served them on route three many brought food to the officers as they did their work. the people have been great. they have been, very welcoming and patient and, we hope, in very short order we'll have these guys in custody. reports say search dogs picked up the scent of the two men, leading the police to the
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wooded area, where they may have vamped out. police say they also have reason to believe, that the two men stopped by a gas station and, one issued a warning to the fugitives, in the area. i would dare to bet 90% of the people in this area, own weapons, and they are loaded. john henry smith. a cleveland proper cuter says a grand jury will decide whether to charge two police officers in the fatal shooting, and the judge announced that he found probable cause to charge them. this is more about the law this is about a moral obligation rice was playing with a plastic pellet gun when police shot and killed him and activists used a little known
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law, and judge declined says it is a recommendation. the top general said the u.s. could expand its presence in iraq to help fight isil, and mark desmy said is for lilly pads jumping off points, where troops could be closer to the frontline, that could include a corridor, over to mosul, and the white house was cool to the idea of increasing the number of bases, without first seeing some success. there's no immediate plan to do this. what i will say though, if a kind of recommendation like this did come from the president's national security team and military advisers, it would be a recommendation that is made, that reflects that the on the going training efforts have been useful. general dempsey opposes
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putting u.s. spotters on the ground,and a move that improve the accuracy of airstrikes. the body of a man believed to be the first american killed, while fighting isil has been returned to his family. they turned out to pay their respects to keith, the state department confirmed that he was killed while fighting alongside kurdish forces. arguments begin today, in a lawsuit filed by four muslim men, saying that the government forced them to become spies and they were put on a no any list, and, now the report. in 2007 says, f. b. i. agents questioned him about an aquaintance, and that he said of the start of three years with contact of f. b. i. agents asking him to work as a ncht ant and, provide information about
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muslims and he told them no. and that he had nothing to say. in 2010, said it landed him on the no fly list. he is not alone. we have seen significant abuse in this use of the no fly list, number 1 just the fact that there's a secret list that the government uses to deprive individuals without any due process. they are suing the federal government claiming that the f. b.i. used it to coerce them into being informants and then retaliate when they refused. law enforcement has never accused them to any crime and as a result of being banned from flying, they've been unable to visit family members for years. his wife and daughters live in yemen said, they have done a lot of damage to me and to my
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life they messed up my life, i haven't seen my family and my youngest daughter doesn't know me. they operate the no fly list in secrecy. 6 4,000 names on the list last year- individuals are put on the list for little or no reason and, they're left, when they should no longer be on the live and, people that should be on the list are not. the no fly list significantly interferes with their constitutional right to travel freely and, that the paragraphs lack any effective due process to challenge their placement on the list. and the f.b.i. has refused to comment and days before the hearing, the plaintiff's learned that their names had been removed. to use the no fly list as a method of co wrersing them to do is inappropriate.
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i think there's a larger problem, in the way the f.b.i. is using informants in the muslim community. a court has deported four westernners after pleading guilty to obscenity charges they were arrested after strip going and taking pictures a sacred mountains will and the mountain was struck, and some say it was the photo. weeks after a deathly biker brawl, dozens are still behind bars and many say they are wrongfully accused. and the great migration extraordinary pictures, when african-americans, made their way from the south to the north many
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welcome back, failing look at the top stories a french court has aguided former i. m f.
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chief on charges of aggravated pimping, and it exposed champagne pill parties and prostitution. germany is dropping its investigation, into the spying of the chance sell lore, the prosecutor said there's no enough evidence will the allegations were first rauzed, in 2013. a saudi blogger is said to be lashed for setting up a facebook page, insulting islam. he had been sentenced to 1,000 lash, and the last time he was struck was in january. nearly a month after a deathly shootout, dozens of suspects will get their first chance to face a judge, they have been held in jail, since may. and family members wonder if
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innocent bystanders were swept up in the arrest,. a shootout, in waco texas between rival members of the motorcycle clubs. nine people dead and more than a dozen injured and 177 arrested and now almost a month later fewer than half have been released on bond. among those still behind bars with no indict men, father and son john and jake wilson. they should be here. bobby wilson, says her husband and son are motorcycle enthusiasts who were at the wrong place, at the wrong time and now with the men in jail, the family's bike shop has stood shuttered. we. everything we got into it, we put and so, it will be hard on us.
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could you possibly afford the $1 million bond. absolutely not. that's insanity. on that sunday, her husband president of the five member strong the motorcycle club left home to attend a club meeting. i deny think anything of it,. did you know the ban deets to were going to be there? no. do you think your husband knew? probably. why on what he go to a place where his sworn enemies with be present? well i never understood this, to be sworn enemies. she says her husband and son did not bring weapons and, when the shooting erupted they fled, from the patio, to the bathroom. not for one second do i believe that my husband, my son or anyone in his group was
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responsible for this tradeyness. michael white is his attorney. what they have done is taken 200 people and decided their all guilty of something because they were there, and a number of them were wearing certain jackets many. 26 days later the majority remain locked up and, grand jury has not heard their case, texas law allows a person to be did hetained 90 days without an indictment. we reached out to the city of waco and, the sheriff's department and, no one would talk about the case. they did say that the investigation is ongoing, and a lengthy process, do you to the high number of individuals involved. though not indicted all those arrested face a charge of engaging in organized criminal activity. to this date, nobody has said what criminal activity might be. usually you're aware of what
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you're accused of. wilson hopes a hearing will lower her husband's bond, if not she has no idea what will come next. i adore this man. he's never given me any reason not to trust him. a second man has been arrested in an alleged plot to we behead police officers. they haven't said why or what his connection may be. he was shot and killed last week after he launched at police with a knife they approached him to question him about the alleged plot. new york's mu sum of modern art is marking 100 years sense the migration of a pra can american he, began from south to north and now a look at the images. 6 million black americans that moved from the rural south
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to the urban north and west, from the years of world war i up until the 1970s when things began to move. so that's a huge event many. a curator at the museum, a new exhibition titled one way particular marks the centennial of the great migration. a sequence of 60 panels, and each with a caption by jacob lawrence. that story of how you leave home is the american story, you have pictures that are scenes that are simple and of great tenderness and then you have scenes of hard hitting and addressed, to issues of racial violence and injustice. the epic series is one first attempts to tell the story.
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as millions move to cities like chicago, pittsburgh and, new york they transformed more than the demographics, they brought the music food, politics and speech that would forever change the culture. this was also a period in the south when segregation and racial terror, here in the united states, push he had a number of black people out of their community displaced them because they no longer wanted to live under the daily fear. it was created, with the sham burg center, and the director said, it's a story of people doing for themselves, what i am make grant had done for generations, and generations before, which was to vote with their feet, and make a new life with themselves- this work is almost 75 years old, and it could be speaking
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to us today. those issues of labor access and education and social and racial justice are still with us, and unfortunately, are as relevance to the people, who have participated in sit ins and black lives matter and it's relevant today as they were in 1941. a n.a. a. c.p. leader under scrutiny. are you african-american? i don't understand the question. her parents say she's been passing herself off as black even though she's not.
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a fixture is gone, the iowa straw poll has been canceled and, that came, by unanimous vote it has been there for 4 decades and it has seen criticism, over whether it is worth the investment of candidate time or money. an identify of race, and reports after prominent civil activist falsely portrayed herself as being black.
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she's the president of the naacp, ouch leading rallies and in march she spoke out against hate male. it's not just something just targeting me and it's targeting the larger black community. her credibility is now in question with family members saying she's been living a lie and her mother provided these pick shows to the media confirming what public records show she's white. her mother said, it is very disturbing that she has become so dishonest a reporter, interviewed her about the hate crimes she reported and she describes several of them in detail and, didn't know what to say, about her race. are you african-american? i don't understand the question -- i did tell you, yes, that's my dad and he was unable
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to come in january. are your parents are they white. that video has gone viral. some tweeting, will her salary rise from 68 to 78 cents on the white man's pay and only a white person could get this much attention for being black and it has also stirred conversations she was born in the wrong body and, let's shower her with awardeds and,money,. the family's ancestry, and check, swedish and german, and, faint of native american. she identified her as part of a from a can american. they have found little evidence of racial harass men and seeing if she violated the code offednection. thanks for watching. the
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news continues next. australia accused of paying people smugglers to turn back